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Narelle runs a very busy clinic in Gisborne, New Zealand, treating people from all walks of life.  She specialises in acupuncture treatment for fertility and pregnancy and will soon be offering her pregnant clientele pre-natal yoga classes. Narelle has had 5 children of her own and has also specialised in treating autism, which kept her very busy in the U.S.A.  

She practises acupuncture/massage (predominantly Japanese style) as well as cosmetic acupuncture. She can also offer remedial herbal treatments and provide advice on therapeutic foods - including food charts. Narelle is also trained in physiognomy, or 'face reading', which is an ancient art of diagnosis aimed at helping patients to understand themselves better, thus discovering their future potential in health and wellbeing. 
She travels extensively to the USA and Australia teaching cosmetic acupuncture and advanced acupuncture techniques. She also runs practical cooking classes and teaches theory on the Energetics of food. Her face reading classes are also very popular. 
Narelle has a long history with wholefoods and in the late 70's - early 80's established her own vegetarian restaurant in Noosa, Qld before opening up and managing the Wholefoods co-op in Whakatane in the mid 80's. Teaching theory modules of "Energetics of Food" blossomed during this time in her own college and other colleges throughout Australia. As a natural progression of Narelle's wisened approach to holistic healing, cooking classes emerged and are still taught monthly here at her clinic in Gisborne. 
Books are: "Tofu for Beginners" and her most recent publication in 2016 "The Elegance of Elements - A Vegetarian Cookbook"

Qualifications and Accreditations over Narelle's 36 year career:

  • Owner of Zenarelle Acupuncture Clinic in Gisborne, NZ for 6 years
  • Knoff Yoga Foundation Teacher TrainingCertificate, WA 2012
  • Bliss Baby Pre Natal Yoga Training, Auckland NZ 2013
  • Owner of the largest Acupuncture Clinic in Northern Queensland for 13 years
  • Owner and Director of the Australian College of Oriental Medicine and Applied Feng Shui Medicine in Cairns for 8 years
  • Teacher of Oriental Medicine, Energetics of Food, Face Reading, Massage, Paediatrics for new mums, Vegeterian Cooking Classes
  • Owner and Chef of Sunflower Nibbles Vegetarian Restaurant, Noosa Qld Aus, 1976-1980
  • Seminar training tutor in Natural Health for 31 years (AUS, NZ, USA)
  • Personal Acupuncturist to Hollywood personalities
  • Toyahari Japanese Acupuncture Training 2000
  • Advanced diploma in Applied Feng Shui – Health Australia 1998
  • Internship TJM – Akaeda Sensei, Tokyo Japan 1997
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training, Australia 1997
  • Internship TCM – Red Cross Hospital Hangshou, China 1994
  • Certificate of Pediatric Acupuncture, Australia 1994
  • Diploma of Applied Health Sciences – Acupuncture ACNM, Australia 1994
  • Narelle White-Ryan Acupuncturist / Oriental Medicine Practitioner – ACNM, Australia 1994
  • Certificate of Oriental Massage 1 & 2 – ACNM, Australia 1993
  • Diploma of Homeopathic First Aid, NZ 1985
  • Diploma of Dietetics and Nutrition - QINS, Australia 1985
  • One Brain Kinesiology, NZ 1982
  • Educational Kinesiology Instructor, USA 1979
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage and Kinesiology - QINS,Australia 1979

Narelle White-Ryan is one of Australia’s leading acupuncturists and a registered member of AACMA (Australia Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association LTD) and is also a registered member of Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand.


As director, practitioner and teacher, Narelle has managed her own clinics and nationally recognised Government Accredited training courses in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada for the past 17 years.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery. The amazing results which can be achieved are as follows:

  • Lifts the face
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Re-hydrates skin
  • Balances completion and skin tone
  • Lifts the spirit "promotes happiness"
  • Repairs sun / climate damaged skin
Narelle looks forward to welcoming you.
To find out more about cosmetic and general acupuncture treatments, contact Narelle. 


Over Narelle's 36 year career, she has practiced naturopathy, shiatsu massage, nutrition, kinesiology, Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and herbal medicine.

Narelle White Ryan


Peta Wilson - Actress ("La Femme Nakita", "Extraordinary Leagues of Gentlemen") "Highly recommend it! The whole treatment is just gorgeous and it's a preventative when you start early. My face looks and feels smooth and youthful. I always lend Narelle out to my friends when she comes to L.A." 

Julie Puddich - Designer Gisborne. "My lipstick started running around my mouth and a double chin was appearing. The treatments stopped the lines after 2 times and the chin was great immediately. I go for a top up every 3 – 4 months. It is the only way!" 

Cathy McClindon - Events coordinator."Walked in with a double chin and walked out with a normal chin Magic!" 

Nicky Knoff - Knoff Yoga School. " I have known Narelle White-Ryan for over 20 years and can attest to her skill, integrity and knowledge as a top class acupuncturist. I have had acupuncture from many practioners all over the world and Narelle is by far the best. Narelle has healing, nurturing hands and a compassionate personality. I highly recommend her!" 

Cindy Prosor - Life coach, USA & Gisborne NZ. "My husband asked what was different wíth my face, not knowing what I had done - he is not usually one who notices. So it works! The results were immediate. I could still feel the Qi working for days after." 

Wendy Middleton - Acupuncturist, Outdoors girl. "Lived in harsh North Queensland sun for years, so sun damage and premature lines had to be worked on. Saw immediate improvement – moisturises the skin beautifully."

Eve Lowey - Top interior designer, New Port Coast U.S.A. "I felt old and dowdy in the land of beautiful people (L.A). This acupuncture works and is so non-expensive. I need to look good and that makes you feel good!"

Nikki Jennings - Office Manager, Gisborne, NZ

"I first went to see Narelle in January 2013 having heard very positive recommendations from friends. I was 6 months pregnant and suffering from lumbar pain and acute lateral femoral subcutaneous nerve pain in my right thigh. This nerve condition has existed for 30 years since a bad horse riding accident in my early teens & I have experienced continual numbness and tingling pains in my thigh. Nights were worst when I suffered from sharp stabbing pains which meant I was unable to lie on my back for any length of time.... Click here to read more


An 11 yr old Cairns boy with epilepsy and cerebral palsy has experienced a remarkable turnaround. 

Redlynch mother Sara Williams said her son Kim had gained a new lease of life after being depressed and introverted for years. 

Kim is a Year 5 student at Trinity Beach Primary School, but until a few months ago spent large parts of the day asleep or in the grips of severe seizures. He had bad digestion and could not tolerate many foods. He also became depressed and jealous after the birth of his younger brother, Peter, a year ago. "I think he stopped wanting to live.  He got very depressed and we were all fearful about him" Mrs Williams said.

 But Kim experienced an amazing change in wellbeing after undergoing regular acupuncture treatment. 

"Kim now sits up, smiles, looks into people's eyes and communicates," Mrs Williams said with a smile.  "He is confident and alert, can focus and concentrate for larger periods of time." 

He was also taking part in many school activities such as sport, music and computing. 

Mrs Williams attributed much of Kim's success to the care of his acupuncturist Narelle White-Ryan, whose gentle touch helped soothe many of his pains. 

"In the wet season, he had seizures all the time, but this year when the rains came he sailed straight through," she said. 

"He used to have so many seizures a day I just could not keep count.  But now it is only three or four times a week at the most. 

"Lots of people who have seen him said he is looking really well." Mrs Williams, a Cairns resident for 15 years, said her son's healthy turnaround had lifted a great weight off her shoulders.  It also had brought her family closer together, bringing in lots of fun and laughter.

 The family will next week move to Adelaide to escape the humidity which aggravates Kim's epilepsy.

 But Mrs Williams said she was indebted to the work of Kim's acupuncturist. 

"They have an extremely close rapport.  It is wonderful to watch them together.  He quite often sings during the sessions," she said.